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Scotia Computing is a division of Scotia Instrumentation Limited. Scotia Computing service and repair a large variety of IT equipment from printers to desktop and laptop computers.
Our technical staff are Microsoft trained and certified.  We have an in house training and apprenticeship scheme and our technical staff strive to be up to date with the latest hardware and software innovations.
Where we cannot perform the repair in house we will manage the shipment and third party repair of the equipment for you.
We offer our ISO9001 certified service to all our customers, no matter how big or small, including but not limited to the following;
• PC laptops
• PC Desktops
• Laser printers
• Large format plotters and Inkjets
Scotia Computing has wide knowledge of installing office systems with proven experience in all platforms, this enables us to offer installations from stand alone computers and small workgroups to large multi-server LAN and WAN installations.
With our experience and expertise we are able to offer your business a wide range of installation options and as part of our ISO9001 accreditation we certify all equipment prior to any delivery.
We can pre-install all software and configure all systems at our purpose-built technical suite prior to your completed installation. We pride ourselves on our efficient, friendly and personalised service and our aim is to provide you with a service that minimises any disruption during any installation. We offer this service to all our customers, no matter how big or small, including one, all or a combination of the following:
• On-site Installations
• Software Installations
• Hardware Installations
• Office Moves and Re-organisation
• Pre-delivery Installations
Our technical staff has experience in designing and installing networks of various types and sizes.
Whether its multiple offices that you need or a wireless home network for your Mac or Pc and even your Xbox360, Playstation3 or Wii.
We will assess your requirements with respect to premises, number of users, locations and recommend the best network design to meet your needs. We cater for all companies and individuals whether you are in one building or in various locations; our aim is to provide the best solution for all your requirements.
• Cat5e cabling
• Switches and hubs
• VPN routers
• Firewall
• ADSL routers
• Wireless networks
• Microsoft Networks
• Cabinets, Racks and Switch boxes
• Network Backup
• Microsoft Servers
With our experience and expertise we are able to offer your business a wide range of maintenance and service contracts. We pride ourselves on our efficient, friendly and personalised service and our aim is to provide you with a maintenance service tailored to your specific requirements. All of the following services can be pre-paid in advance by either entering into an annual maintenance contract or by pre-arranging a fixed amount of call-outs. In addition we also offer non-contractual technical rates depending on your location. Preferential service is given to our contractual clients at all times.
We offer to maintain your systems, no matter how big or small, including one, all or a combination of the following:

Downtime Emergency Reaction
We guarantee on-site support within a pre-agreed time frame if any of your systems crash. This includes an initial evaluation to establish the stability of your systems and any suggestions to improve the efficiency and reliability thereof.
Data analysis and retrieval is often a major issue. It does this by utilizing a specially designed computer containing a bespoke Data acquisition and Database program. Current generations use Windows XP but we are currently developing a version utilizing XP Embedded.
We have successfully in the past developed database systems using 4th Dimension to run businesses. One of our customers for this was a printing company who use our system to control their job flow, quotes and various other tasks. We also run maintain and program our own internal database system which runs everything form orders, quote and jobs to our accounts.
Preventative Maintenance
Regular pre-booked service visits for general maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly. This can include the server as well as workstations, updates and maintenance to your virus protection software, backup solutions, printer and peripheral maintenance and service.

Systems Administration
For those who do not have full time system administrators but would like to control user logins and access to data we offer a comprehensive administration service. This can be done on request, during a service visit or whichever suits you best.

Software Installations and Upgrades
We can install or upgrade existing software to keep you up to date with the latest technology.

Hardware Installations and Upgrades
We can install or upgrade any of your hardware or peripherals as and when you require it including memory and hard drive upgrades.

Office Moves
We can move all or just some of your hardware and peripherals at your request, including network cables and ports in the event of an office move or re-organisation.

Telephone and remote Support
Hardware and software assistance when you need it, this service is paid for in advance and limited to the total annual call plan option selected by you.

Additional Services
Here at Scotia we are continually improving our services and can offer or procure a wide range of additional services on request be this bespoke programming and design and problem solving services.

For Example:
As part of Scotia Instrumentation we are also involved in the design and support of the SDAS.
The Scotia Data Acquisition System (SDAS) overcomes the problems associated with traditional chart recorders where the only record of the event is the piece of paper produced at the time. Circular and linear charts are notoriously difficult to copy and file.
Scotia Computing has a very experienced sales team who will assist your business by providing an efficient, friendly and personalised service.
Your queries are handled through out by our technical team who do the installations and repairs so you can be confident that you will get the right product knowledge and advice.
With our experience and expertise we can tailor a solution to your requirements taking into consideration your needs and your budget.

We provide PC systems, software recommendation, installation, on-site support and long term equipment maintenance agreements.
We supply Dell servers and desktops and hardware to most of our commercial customers.
We are also an authorized reseller for Panasonic Tough books which are the most durable laptops on the market.
We have access to a wide range of suppliers including used and refurbished equipment so if you’re looking for something special or on a tight budget we will be able to help.
Scotia Instrumentation is not currently hiring for any positions
Campus 1, Aberdeen Science & Technology Park, Balgownie Road
Bridge of Don, Aberdeen  AB22 8GT
Tel: +44 (0)1224 222888
Fax: +44 (0)1224 826299
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Scotia Instrumentation Limited    Registered in Scotland No. 74997

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